Jane’s inspirations for her landscape oils and pastels come from the environment around her home overlooking the western part of the North York Moors. She regularly returns through different seasons to the stunningly beautiful but artistically disregarded landscapes of Black Hambleton, Snilesworth, Codbeck Reservoir, Osmotherley Sheepwash and Scarth Moor.  

The moorland paintings often contain elements of the fascinating buildings, archaeological evidence and industrial remains of the area – relating to the artist’s interest in history and archaeology. She attempts to capture the subtle undulations and details of landscapes in depth, sometimes exaggerating what is visible to the human eye to capture the interaction between the man-made and natural forms.

Jane has extended her interest in the post-industrial archaeology of the Moors to explore current industrial and engineering sites across the country. She is drawn to the concept of transitory landscapes in the process of change through construction activity.

Oakdale oils

'The desolate house' Oil on canvas 2008